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Phantom Burner is a virtual Blu-ray BD-RE/DVD+RW/CD-R burner drive
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17 June 2010

Editor's review

There are different softwares in the market that supports CD burning but very few support efficient burning of disc image files (ISO). Only a few people know about the benefits of ISO files that scratches do not affect them and they are a good way to store audio and manage it. To assist you with this you can try out the trial of Phantom Burner 1.0a. It is a virtual CD-R/DVD-ROM/CD-ROM drive. It enables the users to work with disc image files to mount them as virtual DVD or CD and also have these files created by burning to virtual CD-R drive through the helps of disc burning software. It supports different burning software like Roxio, Nero, Easy Media Creator and even iTunes, Windows Media Player, RealPlayer and so many more.

Phantom Burner 1.0a is virtual CD-R burner software that is easy to be used by the users. With the right click of the mouse you can have the CD image mounted or a new one created easily. For working with the software you just need to select it as the drive. The interface of the program is simple and decent that the user would not find complex to operate. To have the program working perfectly according to your requirements you need to configure the Settings. Make the selection of the Drive and the Disc Type by selecting the Image from the drop down menus. When you have made the selections, then click on ‘Mount’ to mount the image as DVD-ROM or CD-ROM. You can even mount the previous mounted or created image. Eject the image or create image as CD-R. You can use the ISO Disc Image for data CD/DVD and BIN/CUE Image for all CD/DVD.

Phantom Burner 1.0a after making the selections starts working without much user intervention and performs its functions efficiently. The rating point of 3 has been given to the software for its optimum performance and its compatibility with various CD burning softwares.

Publisher's description

Phantom Burner is a Blu-ray BD-RE/DVD+RW/DVD-RAM/CD-R/BD-ROM/DVD-ROM/CD-ROM burner drive. It not only allows you to mount disc image files as virtual CD, DVD or BD (Blu-ray)discs, but also let you create disc image files by burn to the virtual BD/DVD/CD drive, from using any disc burning software.
Many people understand the benefits of using disc image files (like ISO) instead of real optical discs. It is cheaper, faster, and you don't need to worry about scratches or the storage and organization of discs.
However, not all burning software supports disc image file creation. Even if it does, most likely it only supports data discs. Very few burning software support disc images for audio CD's.
Use Phantom Burner instead. It is a virtual burner, and allows you to create disc images from any burning software, including Blu-ray, DVD, data CD and audio CD. By supporting standard SCSI commands, it is compatible with most burning software, whether it is Nero or Roxio, Yahoo Music, Rhapsody, Windows Media Player or iTunes, myDVD or WinDVD Creator. It is extremely easy to use. It appears as a hardware burner in your Windows Explorer. Right click on the icon to mount a BD/DVD/CD image or to create a new image. There is nothing special for you to do in the burning software, except selecting Phantom Burner as the drive.
Compatible with Nero Ultra, Roxio Easy Media Creator, Sonic RecordNow, WMP, iTunes, RealPlayer, Rhapsody, Yahoo Music, WinDVD Creator, Power2Go and more, too many to list.
Supports 32-bit XP and Vista. No Spyware. 64-bit support coming soon.
Phantom Burner
Phantom Burner
Version 2.0
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